Interclub Program

  • Based on the Gymnastics BC Artistic Gymnastics/Interclub category.
  • Athletes are encouraged to work hard to achieve their best through positive reinforcement and encouragement.
  • Goals for these groups are to develop skills and routines, and to perform with pride in their efforts and accomplishments.
  • Promotes a creative environment that does not follow traditional competitive gymnastics.
  • Athletes learn and perform a group routine to music for the Year-End display.
  • Athletes train 4 hours per week.
  • Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in 3 local meets, performing on Women’s gymnastics apparatus.

PERFORMANCE CATEGORY (for athletes 6 years old and up)
Athletes receive positive feedback on each routine performed in the form of a certificate of achievement.

PERFORMANCE PLUS CATEGORY (optional for athletes 10 years old and up)
Athletes are not ranked against each other, but receive individual scores for each event. They are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold ribbon for each of their performed routines and receive a participatory,all-around award. If an athlete would like to participate in this category, the athlete and coach will decide when they are ready to perform in this category. It is recommended that athletes have previous Interclub experience before participating in the Performance Plus category.