About Us

Terrace Peaks is a not-for-profit organization. The club relies heavily on fundraising, donations, and community & government support to help with operating costs and purchasing new equipment.

Please note that we are a NUT AWARE facility. In order to make it safe environment for children with nut/peanut allergies, please avoid bringing nut products to the gym whenever possible.

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The Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club was started in the early 1970’s by John and Ellen Simon (who coached the competitive group), the principal of Clarence Michiel Elementary School, and Les Orr (who coached the recreational group).  These individuals volunteered their time in the belief that a gymnastics club would be beneficial to our community.

For many years the Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club used the equipment of Clarence Michiel Elementary School.  This meant that every piece of equipment required for training needed to be taken out, set up, dismantled and put away each day it was used.

Ed Fairless and other dedicated parents spent many hours tirelessly moving equipment so gymnasts could train.  Ed’s daughters (Kris and Kim) were among the gymnast training at that time.  According to his wife Wanda Fairless, this prompted Ed to state, “The club needs its own gymnasium so that other parents don’t need to go through what we had to go through.”

It was with genuine concern, the dedication of countless volunteers and the endless hours put in by everyone involved that enabled the vision of Ed Fairless to become a reality.  The…




Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club strives to provide recreational and competitive gymnastics instruction for all ages and abilities.  We emphasize “Safety”, “Team Spirit”, “Fun”, “Fitness”, and “Progressive Development” at all levels.  Our aim is to help children to develop self confidence through mental and physical perseverance, and pride of accomplishments.  It is our goal to give each athlete the opportunity to become the best gymnast he or she can become.



The Terrace Peaks Board is made up of volunteers who are committed to delivering our club mission. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the Board guides overall club planning and policy development. Board members are responsible for a portfolio that capitalizes on their experience, skills and abilities. The Board of Directors is led by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice President/Past President, Treasurer and Secretary. Any parent can be nominated for the board elections at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in June of each year.

Board of Directors Email: board@terracepeaks.ca