keira picKeira Almas | Gym Manager
Level 2 Artistic, Level 1 Trampoline, and ActiveStart certified

Keira began her gymnastics career at age 9 when she started training at Terrace Peaks Gymnastics Club as a recreational athlete, then eventually as a competitive athlete.  She became a CIT at age 14 and a coach at age 16.  She moved to Vancouver in 2001 to finish her Bachelor of Science at UBC and was hired as a coach at Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics.  For the last 4 years at Phoenix, she was the Recreational Manager. Keira moved back to Terrace with her husband just before Christmas 2012 and is happy to back at her hometown gym.


Amanda Annibal | Recreational Coach
Level 1 Artistic and ActiveStart certified, Level 2 Artistic tech

Amanda has 12+ years of working with children with varying ages 18 months to school-aged. She was a recreational and competitive coach when she was younger. Amanda also has certification in Early Childhood Education, Special Needs, and Infant-Toddler. She likes the outdoors, travelling, and most of all, family time.


Taryn Armstrong | Competitive Coach/Sub
Level 2 Artistic certified, Level 3 Artistic tech


Kayla Brinkac | Competitive Coach (on leave)
Level 1 Artistic certified, Level 2 Artistic tech


Sarah Crawley | Competitive Coach/Sub
Level 2 Artistic certified, Level 3 Artistic tech


ethan picEthan Dhaliwal | Recreational Coach (on leave)
Level 1 Artistic trained

Ethan got involved with gymnastics when his mom signed him up for classes when he was young. He has trained competitively for the past 4 years and enjoys floor and vault the most. Ethan started coaching as a CIT and is now excited to be coaching classes on his own.


Ameylia Evans | Recreational Coach
Level 1 Artistic trained, Level 2 Artistic tech

Ameylia loves being at the gym and is now excited to start coaching so she can be at the gym even more. Her favourite thing about coaching is being with the kids. Ameylia has been a gymnast for 3 years and her favourite event is floor. You wouldn’t not it seeing her in the gym, but Ameylia is a shy person.


Kennedy Howse | Coach-in-Training

May 25 2015 331 e1Karl McPherson | Program Coordinator
Level 3 Artistic and Level 1 Trampoline certified

Karl has been coaching for the last 30 years. He first started coaching his high school gymnastics team after he retired as a gymnast. In addition to his coaching certification, Karl has a coaching diploma from Seneca College and is a Women’s Artistic Judge as well as a Sports Aerobics Judge. Karl enjoys coaching vault and watching the athletes achieve the goals they have worked hard to learn. In his free time, Karl likes working out at the gym and trying new foods.


Aila Morton | Coach-in-Training

Christine Ralston | Pre-Team Coach
Level 3 Artistic and Level 2 Trampoline certified

Christine has 12 years experience coaching gymnastics. She attended Seneca College, then moved to Kitimat to be the head coach at their club in the 1990s. She left coaching to be a full-time mom to her 3 children. Now that they are older, she is looking forward to being back in the gym helping athletes achieve their goals and seeing that smile when the “nail it”. Her favourite gymnastic event is bars and she loves spending time in nature during her free-time.


Erin Sandals | Recreational Coach
Level 2 Artistic certified


May 25 2015 336 e1Shannon Schuster | Birthday Party Coach
Level 1 Artistic trained

Shannon got involved with gymnastics because her mom would flip her upside-down when she was little. She has been training as a competitive gymnast for the past 8 years and started coaching as a CIT. Shannon likes to jump on trampoline, hang out with friends and travel. Her favourite event is floor because she loves to tumble. The speed and power makes it feel like she’s flying.


Meaghan Shumard | Recreational Coach
Level 1 Artistic trained, Level 2 Artistic tech

Meaghan is new to coaching, but not the sport. She grew up on a farm and her favourite gymnastics events are trampoline and tumbling. Meaghan enjoys lots of other sports, including running, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and hiking.


Randie Stevenson | Recreational Coach/Sub
Level 1 Artistic trained

Randie is new to coaching gymnastics, but not new to working with children. She recently took the foundations course and is looking forward to coaching. Her favourite event is floor and she loves interacting with kids and youth and seeing them learn new skills. When not in the gym, she enjoys spending with her family outdoors and loves reading. Something you might not know about Randie is her thumbs look like toes!


Boby Wagner | Recreational Coach (on leave)
Level 1 Artistic certified, Level 2 Artistic tech

Boby started out in recreational gymnastics in Clarence Michiel Elementary School’s gymnasium. She moved with the gym into its current locoation and entered the competitive program. She trained at Terrace Peaks until age 13. Her coaching career began at Shames Mountain as a level 1 CASI certified snowboard instructor. She eventually moved on to coaching gymnastics. Boby moved away for a bit, but we are happy to have her back in the gym with us again.