Gym Rules

While you are in the gym, think “SAFETY FIRST”

  •  Coach supervision is required at all times
  •  Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself
  •  Listen to your coach & follow directions
  •  One person speaks at a time
  •  Be respectful & always use good language
  •  Coach’s permission is required to: enter or leave the gym floor, try new skills, or go on equipment
  •  Be prepared to participate: long hair tied back, no jewellery, bare feet, visit the bathroom first
  •  Only water bottles on the gym floor: food & other drinks must stay on benches
  •  Watch where you are going: walk don’t run, watch out for uneven surfaces


When using the equipment, please follow the EQUIPMENT SAFETY guidelines:

  • One at a time
  • Always land on your feet
  • Be respectful of the equipment and use it appropriately
  • Use a soft mat for any landing higher than your knee height
  • 2 hands on the bars and rings at all times
  • Start at the top of the trampoline, climb off, and then line up again
  • Do not twist the rings together